Sculptures Portraits

I make commission portraits in stoneware or bronze. I can work with photographs, but if possible I prefer to meet the model for an hour or so.

Price for a bust or head in stoneware, natural size: 7 500 kronor.

Price for a full body portrait in stoneware, circa 30 cm height: from 5 000 kronor.


Samuel, stoneware, h 40 cm.
Woman with hat, stoneware, h 40 cm.
Fishingbrothers, stoneware, h 35 cm.
Lady, plaster, h 50 cm.
Chantal, bronze, h 15 cm.
CEO as a roman, stoneware, h 45 cm.
Joar, Siri and Love, stoneware, h 30 cm.
Ida with stick, stoneware, h 20 cm.

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