About me




I have always been fascinated by people: their reactions, movements and facial expressions. In town I can suddenly find myself thoroughly engrossed – observing the fruit vendor in the square, the old man who gathers empty cans from the dustbins or a teenage couple infatuated with each other. It is normal everyday people and situations that gives me inspiration for my art.

Even though I make sculptures in different materials I usually start the creative process in clay. Clay is a fantastic medium. It allows me to add and to remove, over and over again until I reach the expression I desire. It is a satisfying process.

I am from Lund, in the south of Sweden, but now live in Montauroux, France. I studied art at Lund's Art School and the Northwest Scania's College in the nineties and I have sculptured since. Since then I have continuously supplemented my studies with various art courses including model studies, portraits and various techniques.

The sculpture "Rainhappiness" grows in my studio.